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Launch Your Career | Who is Hiring?

We've all heard the common complaint from the person struggling in their career and trying to find a new job, "No one is hiring!"


But is that true??


No! There are a lot of businesses, large and small, out there looking for good people like you. Listed below are just a few of the local jobs available that we learned about in recent career fairs we've attended.


BUT...before you click on that "Apply Now" button on their website, ask yourself: Is the resume you're using going to stand out from the stiff competition you're up against? Are you nervous about your next interview and wish you felt more prepared? Is applying online the only, or even the best, way to get an employer's attention? 


If you want assurances that you're going to be the first person the hiring manager calls in to interview for the next job you apply to, work with RockIt Career Consultation Services!  Check out all the services that we offer our clients to help you become a Sure Fire Hire!