Our Philosophy

We've done our research about the costs and benefits of hiring a career consultant. The benefits are many:

  • You will be in a career that best suits your talents and strengths so that you enjoy working.
  • You will have a vastly more successful resume.
  • You will perform much better than other candidates in your interview
  • You will be able to maximize your earning potential in your offer negotiation.

However, the cost for most career coaches is far beyond what the average person can afford.

Some career coaches charge over $200 for an initial consultation!


Others charge more than $400 to have your resume written!


Do you think that's too much? We agree!


That's why we decided to become the career consultants everyone can afford!

Our Approach is Different


We want to help you have a successful career without making you go broke in the process. We offer services that are affordable to any budget. Our packages offer our individual services at a substantial discount. If you don't need particular services in our packages, you can simply select the individual services that you do need. Our workshops are designed for the person who is a "do-it-yourselfer" who just wants some direction. Our personal consultations are for the individual who wants the advantage of having a coach by their side during the hiring process.


Why Hire a Career Consultant When I Can Do It All Myself?


Yes, people usually do get a job without the services of a coach. Unfortunately, a lot of times, it is not the job they are truly meant to have, it is not with the company that they really want to work for, and it is not at the pay level that they deserve. Why settle when you can do so much better?


Behind every great athlete, there is a great coach. Behind every great artist, there is a great mentor. Behind every great musician, there is a great conductor. You need someone to push you, guide you, and lead you to your greatness. As the old adage says: "Pride tells you to do it yourself. Wisdom tells you to find someone who can help." Don't let pride get in the way of your dreams.



Our Question to You: Are You Ready for an Amazing Career?

Free Initial Consultation

In order to make sure you are getting exactly what you need, we offer a free initial consultation to all our incoming clients. In this appointment, we will look over your resume and ask you introspective questions so we know more about you, your career aspirations, and how we can help you reach your goals. Generally, we meet our clients in our office. However, depending on your circumstances, we can also conduct our Free Initial Consultation by phone or Skype.

Start Your Engine! Motivational Seminar

Success is as much about attitude as it is about ability. We believe that with the right frame of mind, you can achieve just about anything. Because of this, we offer motivational seminars to get your career on a successful launchpad.


We've designed these seminars to be relevant to a wide variety of personal circumstances: from the person who has just lost their job and needs a boost of positive energy to the person who is currently employed, but feels directionless or without purpose. Whatever your situation, RockIt Career Consultation Services is here to get you excited about work again! So together, Let's Launch Your Career!

Career Enhancement Workshops

Our workshops provide you details and how-to's for every phase in launching your career so you can be a sure-fire hire! All of our workshops are affordably priced at $69.99 per workshop or you can order one of our package deals for a per workshop discount.


Rock Your Strengths!   We will teach you how to discover your strengths and what you can do with them professionally. 

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Boost Your Search Strategy!  We will guide you through how to learn more about the career field, industry, and company you are targeting. 

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Fire Up Your Resume and Cover Letter!  We will show you how to market yourself more effectively with a well written resume and cover letter. 

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Launch Into Your Elevator Pitch!  We will demonstrate how to create and deliver a powerful elevator pitch that you can use when you are networking or interviewing.

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Accelerate Your Interviewing Skills!  We will teach you how to research and prepare for an interview so that you're ready for any question that comes your way and are able to sell yourself better to your next employer.

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Thrust Your Networking Into Warp Speed!  We will train you on how to develop, grow, and utilize your network to learn more about your chosen field and industry, as well as find out about jobs before they are advertised.

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Landing the Best Offer!  We will advise you on job offer negotiation, from what to ask for to how to ask for it and get it.

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Igniting Your Career to Infinity and Beyond!  Your next job is only the next step in your career. We will prime your engine for the next 90 days of your new job and beyond.

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Personal Career Consultations

We provide a hands-on approach to anyone who feels they need an extra edge in launching their career. Our personal consultations are generally conducted in the office. However, depending on your circumstances, they can also be done via phone or Skype. These are charged as hourly services, at the affordable price of either $49.99 or $59.99 per hour, depending on the service. Our personal consultations include:


Strengths Assessment and Career ResearchIf you're not sure what sets you apart from the pack, this consultation will help you find that out. We use Gallup's StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to determine your primary strengths and use this information along with your skills and experience to set you on a course toward a successful and happy career.


Resume Creation or RevisionIf you have found that your resume doesn't seem to be generating as much interest as you had hoped, it could be that your resume isn't marketing your key selling points. In just two to three hours, we'll create a resume that will sell your skills and experience so that when an employer reads it, he or she will give you a call to learn more about you. Your resume will no longer be going into the Hiring Manager's "circular file."


Interview Preparation & Role PlayingIf interviews make you nervous or you just feel like you're not a very strong interviewer, it's likely that you just haven't practiced interviewing enough and aren't prepared. When you work with us, we'll conduct a mock interview with you several times, give you honest feedback, and you'll leave feeling ready for your next job interview. Depending on your needs, we can either ask the standard questions almost every interview contains, or we can design one specifically for the job or industry you're most interested in working.


Elevator Pitch Preparation & Role PlayingWhen you're networking, one of the first questions people ask is, "What do you do?" How do you answer this? Do you stumble around trying to explain your job or do you have something ready to tell them about you, your role, and how you get things done? How you present yourself in that 30 seconds to a minute often determines if a potential employer will be interested in talking with you further or not. If you want help putting your elevator pitch together and practicing it, we are here to help.


Job Search Assistance: Do you ever wonder if your spending the right amount of time and effort on different aspects of your job search? Do you know what your skills and strengths are but aren't sure how that knowledge can be used when looking for work? Finding your next job can feel pretty overwhelming and stressful. Let's work together to make sure you're using the right strategies and putting your efforts on the right areas.


Social Media Clean-UpNot every Recruiter or Hiring Manager goes through a candidate's social media pages, but enough do that you want to make sure you are presenting the right image that aligns with the message you want to convey during your job search. With us by your side, we'll go through your social media to make sure there's nothing that could potentially hurt you in finding your next job or career.


Offer NegotiationAs Recruiters and Hiring Managers, we've always been amazed at how few people actually try to negotiate their offer. If you say "yes" right away, you're probably leaving money on the table. Most people don't realize, but the starting salary you take at a job has a long-term impact on your future earnings. It affects your pay on subsequent performance reviews, bonuses, raises, and even the salary you're offered in your next promotion. We want to help you maximize your earning potential. Beyond salary, there are also other items that could be negotiated as well, and we'll discuss them with you as you are negotiating your offer with an employer.

Package Deals

We want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. That's why we've created two packages to help save you money so you don't have to break the piggy bank to get the most out of RockIt Career Consultation Services.


Ignite Your Engine! Workshop Package 


This package gives you access to all 8 of our career enhancement workshops for the price of 5. It's perfect for the Do-It-Yourself types who just need some instruction along with some hands-on work in a group learning environment. All this for the low cost of $349.99!

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Mission Possible! Full Career Launch Package


This package gives you access to all of our workshops and services for one low price! With each workshop and service valued separately, it would be worth $1,090. However, we are giving this to you for the affordable price of $799.99!

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Gift Cards

Do you have a friend or loved one you'd like to help in their time of need? We have several options for gift cards.


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