Let's Launch Your Career!

RockIt Career Consultation Services (RCCS) provides you the career enhancement you need. We offer individuals career guidance and will be by your side, as your coach, to launch your career to the next level.


We know how frustrating it can feel when you've submitted hundreds of applications and resumes without so much as a call for an interview, or have interviewed for new jobs, yet haven't received any offers. We also know how it feels when you are stuck in a job or career that you don't enjoy.

Time is Money: Launch Your Career at the Speed of Light!

If you're a candidate who is trying to get a job that pays $50,000 per year, you lose $961 for every week that you continue looking! Let's avoid this by helping you land a new job or career in as brief a time as possible.


There's no time like the present to start that new job or career!

We are not Your Typical Job Coach or Career Coach

Our mission is to help you discover your true strengths and use these strengths to set your course to something more rewarding and exciting in your career, without charging an arm and a leg.


We will guide you on what job or career best suits you and then help you market yourself through your resume, your networking strategies, your interview skills, and your negotiation to ensure that you are doing something you love and are maximizing your earning potential. Throughout, we will be there to keep you motivated and determined.


With our help, you will become the applicant every company wants to hire!

Become a sure-fire hire!